Wednesday, October 19, 2011

8 long months..

It has been 8 months to the day since Ive blogged last. The last 8 months have been pretty crazy for the Lemon household. My husband got out of the Army 7 months ago and its been a challenge to get back on our feet. We are now slowly getting there. We moved into our apartment a little over a month ago and we are really loving it here. It has been great to have our things back and just in our own space. It was really hard sharing 1 bedroom with my husband and daughter for 6 months. But we made it!

My daughter and I after feeding ducks at the Pond

Ive thought about bloging again but wast sure if i wanted to and if it was worth it. Our lives have changed so much and I want to share in my experiences in life and have my daughter be able to look back at this blog to see her life. She will always be able to see the things she has done in life. 
Going to feed the ducks, we do this a lot.

In the next few days I will post about our new apartment and just our everyday lives. Im excited to start documenting our lives again.