Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa 2010

Petcake Giveaway going on! You have until Dec 9 at 11:59pm central time to enter!

We saw Santa tonight. Ft Leoanrd Wood had their Annual tree lighting event tonight. I didn't get a good picture, I was kinda upset cause there was a person on the way other side of the camera getting her attention. She should have been next to the camera. Oh well there are plenty of other Santa's to see. We are going to Bass Pro next weekend and im looking forward to it, They always get great pictures and are really great!



  1. Aww too cute...such a magical time of year!!!

    PS...I have a give away you might be interetsed in...I know you like to make clothes for your little girl...check it out and spread the word!

  2. How adorable!! I love the picture :) I am a new follower and really love your page. I can tell I'll be enjoying your past and future posts. hope you'll come follow back or say hi!


  3. Following from Fabulous Friday Blog hop :)


  4. I'm a new Friday follower from Mom of all Trades. Would love for you to stop by when you get a chance :)

  5. Welcome to the blog ladies, thank you for following!

  6. Oh deanna i wanted to tell you i did go check out the giveaway but I already have all thoes patterns and know how to make all that. But if you would still like i could go enter to get your numbers up!

  7. Sure, that would be great!! Thanks!


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