Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We were hit with a nice little Blizzard today. It was nice to have my husband stuck home with me and just be lazy around the house.
First we got about 3 inches of ice. This is what we woke up to.

Then around 1pm we had got lots more ice and it had started to snow, BIG TIME. 

The boys LOVE the snow, they could stay out all day! We didnt get out and play today cause it was way to windy and snowy. But tomorrow is another snow day!

For dinner I made some YUMMY Baked Potato Soup.

This was Makenzis first time having it and she didnt like it very much. 

Makenzi spent the day riding around her "mo mo" as she calls it. 
I will have a tutorial on how to make this shirt hopefully tomorrow. 
I really love how great it turned out.
All in all we had a great snow day! Hope everyone is warm and snugly inside.

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