Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tic-Tac-Toe Valentine shirt (pattern)

Firstly, im so sorry. I wanted to do a full tutorial on how do do this but a few things happened in the process and I just couldn't keep up with pictures.

Have you heard of Freezer Paper Stencilling? Its pretty awesome. I've not done to much with it but ive really been wanting to. I saw a shirt a few weeks back with a Tic-Tac-Toe design, I liked the concept of the design just not the shirt its self. So I decided I would try and make one.  Here is a really great video on freezer paper stencilling.  You can get my tic-tac-toe design here.

The first thing that stopped me from taking pictures was I could not cut out the stencil right. I tried 3 times and finally got it. I don't know what was wrong with me.

Second. I had just finished painting on the hearts and X's I walked away from the table ( I left the paint, cause I was going to touch it up when it dried with a 2nd coat) I did have the though of "I should not leave that there", but I said no to my self, Makenzi was sitting with her daddy and was being good. Not even 2min later I hear "Mommy wipe, Mommy wipe" I knew INSTANTLY what she had done. She had got up on the chair and dipped her finger in the purple paint and used the shirt as a wipe. I stood there for a min just in shock, Makenzi was freaking out cause her hand was dirty, of course I cleaned her up first.

I then stood there trying to figure out what I was going to do. Should i just throw it away and go get a new white shirt? Should I try and fix it? Well me being me I did try and fix it. I got it almost completely out! I was so glad. I spent 5min scrubbing it, i let the staind part soak for about 5min being very carful not to get the design and wet paint wet. I let the paint try as much as i could and heat set it and threw it in the washer. I let it lay flat to dry. When it dried you couldn't even really see where the stain was. Im so glad. I did have to touch up the paint some but its good as new!
after seeing this close up i have fixed the un-even lines

Here is a close up of the stain, see you really cant see it.
you can click on the image to see it closer.


  1. Thats SO awesome!! I'm going to have to make something for the boys!! :) Thanks for sharing.


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