Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ruffle Heart Shirt {Tutorial}

This past fall when i was going through and washing all the winter clothes I had for Makenzi I found these tights. They had little red hearts on them. They were just to adorable. I didn't think much of it after all valentines day was months away. 

In January i found this tulle skirt at walmart and this idea started brewing in my head. I knew the tights would be amazing with that tulle skirt.. but i didn't have a shirt. I knew i wanted to keep it simple. I have this crazy obsession with ruffles lately so one night i had this idea to do a ruffle red heart on a plain white shirt. PERFECT match! 

My little model didn't want to corporate with me today..this is the best i got. 

So do you want to make one? Let me show you!

What you need:
shirt to fit your kiddo
heart pattern here
disappearing ink pin
matching and matching thread

Cut your fabric 20in x 2 1/4inch
Fold wrong sides together, (i always iron so its a nice stitch) and sew
Turn your tube right side out and iron with the seam on the back side.

 Next take your heart pattern and trace it onto the shirt with your disappearing ink pen 
I know looks scary huh? Dont worry, it will go away with water! 
Before you do the gathering stitch on your fabric I always clip the ends, It folds back nicely so there are no showing frays and there is a nice clean fold.
 The easiest way to do a gathering stitch is put your machine on the longest stitch you can and then sew. DO NOT BACK STITCH on either ends. Try to leave a good bit of thread so you can gather. Take your bottom thread and pull gently and gather. It does take practice. Im just now getting good at it and its been a while since ive first done it.
After you have done your gathering. Pin your ruffle onto your shirt following the heart pattern. 
 (special thanks to my husband for taking a picture for me)

I didnt take a picture of the sewing process cause i just did it fast without thinking. But just sew it on there following your heart pattern. 
and this is what you will have! 

 I love how it came out. It was perfect for what i was wanting. its simple but still stands out and looks adorable on!
Let me know if you try this, i would love to see it!
If you have any comments or questions PLEASE let me know! 


  1. Awesome! I love it! I will have to try and start this tomorrow! Once it's done I'll post on my blog and link back to you :-)

    And of course, what are husband's good for?! hehe

  2. I suck at sewing, so I dont even think I will try.


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