Friday, November 5, 2010

25 Days of Thankfulness, Day 5.

Today I am thankful for communication with my daughter. She knows so many words and can communicate with me by actually saying what she wants and needs then just crying. It still melts my heart when she says mommy. Her newest phrase that she likes to say is "I Love _insert name here_" Most the time its Daddy, Mommy, Mimi and Sarah. But every time she says mommy my heart skips a beat.

This is Makenzi on Halloween saying Happy Halloween. I told her 1 time Halloween and she repeated it she is such a sponge and so eager to learn and say anything. She can say her ABC's and 1-12 with my help of course. Its such an amazing thing as a mother to teach your child something and then hear them tell you what they just learned. Best Job ever HANDS DOWN!


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  1. Ethan cant even do his ABC's! and hes almost 4! lol


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