Saturday, November 6, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well it is at our house. For the last 3 years Canon and I have always decorated the First or Second weekend of Nov. I couldn't wait this year more so then others to get up our Christmas stuff! Ill be adding little bits here in there for a while but I love the happy feeling I get when I walk into my living room and see my tree all lit up, its almost magical. This is our 4th Christmas together and every year we have done a differant theme. Our first Christmas married we had a small white tree with pink ornaments and lights. My mom had got for me that tree the year before and she let us have it for our first Christmas. Our 2nd year we bought a new pre-light tree. I am not a fan of the pre lights cause I love to decorate the tree and the lights are apart of it. So our first year our tree decor was red and gold, the 3rd year it was sliver and blue. This year we were going to do Red and gold again and add some green into the mix. Well that was until the other night we were at wal*mart and we saw the beautiful Brown, Gold and Purple. It was amazingly beautiful. That is what our tree is this year. Im so in love with it.

Our beautiful 2010 Christmas Tree



  1. lol Well canon has learned that some things, like when i get to put up the decor, there is no reason to fight it cause i will do it when he is at work. lol


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