Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our Life in the Army

First and foremost, Thank You to all the veterans serving past and presantly. Happy Veterans Day.

I am an "Arm Wife". I have been for 3 years and for 7 months before that I was an Amy g/f & Fiancée. When my now husband and I met we were in the 6th grade. I was not fond of him at all. We both left that middle school, i returned but he never went back there. We met again when he came to my High School. I can still remember the second that I saw him. We were sitting in the Sophomore forum in the first few days of school. He came walking in and I said to my friend sitting next to me "omg he is hott!" lol I always laugh when i think about it cause i said it kinda loud for a few rows to hear me.

Later that day at lunch i went up to a friend of mine that was walking around with him. No mind you I had no idea who he was, i didnt know that he was Canon from Middle school. I proceeded to ask this friend who he was. It took me a few minuets to remember who he was but when i did I was shocked. He looked quite a bit different. From that day on Canon and i would talk. We did start to date and shortly after we broke up. We did stay close friends through the break up.

About a year went by and I had called him one night to talk and he had told me that he was at MEPS and he was enlisting into the Army. I was shocked when he told me so when he got home i told him to come by my house and I wanted to talk and hang out. I really wasnt ready to date anyone but i knew that he was about to be out of my life and I didnt want him to be. I had still had feelings for him but like i said, i wasnt ready to date anyone.

While we were dating

We did start dating and he was leaving soon for OSUT ( basic and AIT at one time and one place) Our dating went pretty fast but i was falling head over heals for him more then ever. We got Engaged in April 07 we didnt want to get married right away, I was only 17. But we knew that just being engaged while he was in the army wouldn't be easy. While he was at OSUT after the first 8 weeks I was able to drive up to Ft Leonard Wood, MO every Sunday. It was a 4 hour drive that i was more then willing to drive to see him as often as I could.

The Weekend of OSUT Graduation

While he was in OSUT I moved to the town where his parents lived and started working for my soon to be MIL. I got us an appt and soon he would be home. We had planned on getting married Dec 10, 07 2 days after my 18th birthday. My mom had decided that she was going to sigh the forum allowing us to get married. We had a small nice wedding on Oct 14, 2007


In Feb of 08 Canon went active, he was in the reserves for 6 months. We made Ft Leoanrd Wood, MO our home. It was special to us for many reasons. Shortly after moving and getting settled we begun to try for a baby. Just a few months later we were pregnant. Canon is an MP (Military Police). for a short while he was working the road and the he began to drive for his Battalion Commander. In Oct 08 we found out we were Expecting a girl, Makenzi Leigh was to be her name.

Our sweet Makenzi in 3d

Also in Oct we found out that Canon would be deploying early Jan 09. Now the ONLY fear that i ever had of Canon being in the Army was him deploying while I was pregnant and missing our child's birth. Sometimes God has funny ways of proving to us how strong we really are. So there is was Canon was to be in his 2nd month of deployment while I gave birth to our Daughter. I was scared to death, thankfully my mother was not far from me and could be there for me.

The night he left

We had a great Christmas and New Years and Canon left Jan 3, 2009 for deployment. Shortly after he left I gave birth. he wasn't allowed to come home for it or anytime after cause it was only an 8 month deployment. He came home when she was 6 months old. That moment the tow of them met and he took her in his arms it was complete love at first sight. She had no fear and didnt not fight it, she knew that that was her daddy.

our family was together at last

A few weeks after coming home Canons back injury he got while he was deployed started to get worse. He went to DR after DR for 10 months. He was then refured to a Pain Clinic where he would see a specialist and hopefully get some answers. He was diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Dysplasia, finally we got some answers. Now for treatment he would get Cortisone steroid injections in his spine. He is still currently getting them in his spine, he has had them done 2 times. He still has more to go.

Since Nov of 2009 he has been on a profile. Which means the Dr writes what he can and can not do. After a year of being on the profile you are considered "not fit for Duty" so they start a chapter to get you out of the Army. Which that is in progress.

When Canon joined the army he wanted to make a career out of it and stay in. He never saw this injury happening but now its all working out for the best. Canon has been in the army almost 4 years now. Im very proud of him and what he has accomplished and what he as done. I will always have pride in that. We are looking forward to getting out of the army and starting our life, again.



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