Monday, November 1, 2010

Menu for the week

After finding out I was pregnant with Makenzi I knew I needed to get my budget under control. So since I was 10 weeks pregnant with our little ball of energy ive been making menus for the week so I could make a proper grocery list to not buy what I didn't need to and not spend so much. When I make out my menu and grocery list i try and do it 2-3 days before payday so then I can have to to think over what I have wrote down and then get the right coupons. I love to use coupons I usually save around $10.00 when I go get our grocery. Its not alot but I am saving some! I will post this on Sunday evenings usually.

Menu for the week of Nov 1,2010- Nov 7, 2010

Monday: Lasagna and streamed mixed veggies

Tuesday: Goulash with buttered bread

Wednesday: Taco Soup

Thursday: Swedish Meatballs and Corn

Friday: Spaghetti and Green beans

Saturday: Chili and Cornbread

Sunday: Chicken Noodles


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