Monday, November 15, 2010

Black Apple Doll

Makenzi is obsseded with baby dolls. Everywhere we go she has to have one. If there is not one with her she freaks out. We have about 7 in the house and 3-4 in the car at any given time. When I started getting better at sewing I wanted to take on more challenging projects. I saw a doll on that i fell in LOVE with. BUT it was 40.00 and I had no idea really how to go about making it. So i searched ands searched online. Well 8 months after I started searching for it i found a FREE tut on how to make the EXACT doll. I was shocked. Here is the free tut and pattern Black Apple Doll

Here is my first try at the doll. I think it looks great other then one of the leg is slightly noticeably bigger then the other, Whoops.

I will make her another one that is more even.

Regardless, Makenzi loves it.




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  1. great job! so cute! and im glad u found it, 40.00 is wayyyyyyyyy too much!


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