Saturday, January 15, 2011

{Day 12} Spice Cabinet

Day #12 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (The Spice Cabinet)

I didn't realize how many spices that I have!!! I have a spice rack that I got for my birthday last year that I love so I fill those spice jars with other spices so I hardly go in the spice cabinet. It is also our 2nd snack cabinet. 

Above the stove is where my baking items &spices are kept

I really wish I had a label machine! I saw one at walmart today but its just not in the budget for today. I don't think my husband would be to happy about how label happy I would get either lol. 


 I want to go get boxes to put the snacks in, or clear containers. I just didn't think about it while I was about today. 

I feel better that everything is nice and neat and things are thrown out. I put my most used spices in the front of the baskets so I will know where they are but a label maker sure would be nice for the tops! 

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  1. great job!! i love having a basket for snacks! helps take away all the boxes


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