Thursday, January 6, 2011

{Day 5} Kitchen/ Bathroom Cabinets

Day #5 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Under the Kitchen Sink)

Today we are supposed to clean under the kitchen cabinets. But ya know im OCD in my kitchen so the cabinet looks good under there. Its one of the most used cabinets so I always keep it in order. But i did do our bathroom cabinet. Its kinda a catch all for a fast clean so it was bad. I do have to say that I did not do this today, i did it Jan 1st. I got a rush that day and when i went to go clean my bathroom and saw how YUCK it was i just went ahead and tackled it. 


cleaning out the inside, there is a combination of iodine and shampoo. not to easy to clean up. 


Here we are Day 5 and the hidden parts of my house are looking good and it makes me feel so great everyday! 


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