Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fun at the park

It was so nice today. We took advantage of the 46 degree weather and went to the park. Makenzi wasnt napping and these nice days have been far and few in between. She ask's me about 5 times a day to go play. It was just a great time just her and I at the park playing. 

This has been the park she has gone to since she could go play at a park and its so amazing to watch her now and see all that she can do. 

Yesterday she turned 23 months. In ONE month(30days) she will be 2. Its crazy.

Her birthday is going to be Awesome, ive been planing it for about 9 months now. 

She has always talked very well. She said a 6 word sentence last night. She gave me a play cup and about 2min later she told me "Alright Mommy, give me your cup" plain as day perfect like a 10 year old said it. I was just taken back.
Last week she was playing in her room and was closing her door. So I went and sat in there with her. As soon as I walked in she started to push me out the door and told me "Go away Mommy". Really broke my heart.  But I love her still none the less. 
that was our awesome day at the park. Hope you enjoyed your day!

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  1. They do grow oh so fast! My son's 5th birthday keeps creeping it's way on up here and I can hardly believe I'm going to be a mom of a 5 year old! LOL


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