Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In {Week 2}

Just let me start out by saying, I really thought I was going to gain weight. I started the week off good then got off track. Its always harder on the weekends cause my husband stays up later so I stay up with him and i get snack hungry, and I never satisfy the hunger. So I eat and eat and eat till I realize ive ate so much. I've also not been able to go to the gym because the Community center across the street from me, where I go to work out, Has been closed. They have been having town hall meetings there in the gym since the Tornado on New Years Eve and they wont open it till they are done having the meetings. So that leaves the big gym here which im sure that is closed (Tornado went right past it, im talking it was feet close) and if it was open I could not take my daughter with me like I can to the one across the street. Anyway so I didn't work out as much as I would have liked. I've got a new plan in mind that im starting on tomorrow. So are you ready to see if I lost or gain? 

Wed Jan 12, 2011
Weight - 203!!!!
Ive lost 3.2 lbs!

Makes me feel really good! 
I want to ask you all a question. My biggest goal for this year is to not eat fast food, as much. We are really bad about eating out. Out of a 7day week we would eat out 3 sometimes 4 times and that is NOT the example i want for my daughter. So far this year we have not ate out once. We ate subway on Dec 30th and that was the last time we ate out. so 14 days. I was having a hard time with it the first week, I was craving it. but now the thought of Taco bell or McDonald's makes me so sick to my stomach. I know there will be times where we will have to eat out and that's fine, everything is fine in moderation. 

So my question to you is, How often do you and your family eat fast food? 

and just because I don't like a post without pictures here is a picture from our fun time in the snow yesterday.

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  1. It really depends on how busy we are....some weeks we eat out a couple times that week, but sometimes we will go a month without eating out. It all depends. I ate at McDonalds today, a bacon and ranch salad with grilled chicken (which had a ton of calories, 800 or so I think). I hate how things that you would think would be good for you are really not so great. :/

    Anyway, YAY on the 3+ pounds! Congrats! Keep it up!


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