Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{Day 4} Hall/Linen closet

I was super excited when she posted this challenge. Our Linen closet just happens to be alot of things into one closet. It is big so that is nice. Its our junk, towel, linen and the jeans closet as well. Its always mess to me. I have alot of random stuff that I just dont know where to put, so it goes in there. So needless to say its always a mess.

My everything closet: Before 

During: I piled everything on our bed (ps the sheets are red cause im washing our regular ones) 

and the Awesome afters: It feels SO amazing to have some extra space!!! 



  1. wow looks great! wish i had a linen closet like that!! i'm jealous!!

  2. Thanks, sometimes its nice and sometimes not. It was kinda annoying to put everything back in there cause i had to keep sliding the door.

  3. That's a great transformation. I'm loving all the empty space.

  4. It looks GREAT!!! I need to start this challenge!!!

  5. looks great girl!! i love how big the closet is. i def have nowhere to put my comforters and things. gotta find some space! lol. good work! :)

  6. Great job on your linen closet! Thanks for linking up to Sassy Sites Operation Organization! Hasn't this been such a fun week and SOOO much has gotten accomplished! Time to time a little break and come by Sassy Sites and join us for our Free For ALL link up party tomorrow! No theme, no rules... just fun!! xoxo


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