Friday, January 7, 2011

{Day 6} Dresser Drawers

Day #6 ~ Getting Organized Challenge (Dresser Drawers)

I needed this challenge. Im a bit of a clothes hoarder. I don't have much of my own clothes to begin with so to get rid of something i might wear in a few months is hard for me. But this gave me that extra shove to get rid of the stuff that ive not wore. I gave my self a rule, if ive not wore it in 3 months TOSS it. No holding. So that's what I did and I feel good. Im hoping there will be a closet challenge cause I need to do this in my closet as well!

ps: this is my dress that I grew up with. Ive had it since I was a kid, crazy huh? when time comes to get new stuff for our room, which is the last room in the house and will be done hopefully in the next 5 years, i don't think it will be easy to part with this dresser. 

My pile to donate from the hall/linen closet challenge.

I wont show you are top drawer cause those are our unmentionables. But that is always the hardest to keep neat. My husband digs around in there for socks at 5am in the dark so it wont stay tidy for long but let me tell you today, right now it does look pretty!! 

 My dontate piles after, oh yea feels good! Honestly i feel even better to what its all going to. On New Years eve we had a Tornado hit our town. It destroyed over 200 homes and ive already donated lots of things so this will be my 2nd donation.  

I also did my daughter top drawer last week, it was a HUGE mess. This felt the BEST to get done. 
I got the pink and green bins at Dollar Tree, Oh how I love Dollar Tree.


  1. Hi Megan,

    I'm stopping over from Southern Reflections to say hi. I love this challenge and am going to try my best to play catch up this weekend and join in starting Monday. I cleaned out my dresser two days ago so I'm kind of off to a start! Ha. Your blog is great and I'm thrilled I stumbled upon it. I'm following now and look forward to reading! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. awesome job!

    so sorry to hear about your town. how scary!

  3. It looks very good. If you love that dresser, you could always take a drawer with you when you go shopping and try to get something that coordinates with it so you can keep it and surround it with complemetary furniture.


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